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Kalion was founded to take on the significant challenge of commercializing important new molecules that could be derived in a greener manner and offer significant advantages over traditional oil-based molecules. Prof. Kristala Prather at MIT decided using the Department of Energy’s Top Value-Added Chemical from Biomass Report that glucaric acid offered a significant challenge but if successful it could offer a new platform chemical that could would have much to offer the world.

Her success, with glucaric acid and the subsequent development at Kalion has created a high purity glucaric acid that now allows companies and researchers from other universities to fully exploited the unique properties of glucaric acid and related molecules.

Creating Innovative Chemicals From Biomass

We are able to use biological organisms to do powerful chemical reactions. The enzymes that biological organisms use for chemistry are much more selective allowing for a vastly superior purity of our final products. Higher purity molecules generate less waste during your production process and greater value in your final products because of the superior performance from highest quality polymers.

Kalion Leadership Team


EPA Honors Winners of the 2019 Green Chemistry Challenge Awards

Innovative technologies decrease hazardous chemicals, reduce costs, and spur economic growth

Researchers investigate new biobased fibers

This article first appeared on Plastics News. A research team at North Carolina State University says biobased glucaric-acid or lignin additives can dramatically increase the toughness of polyvinyl...

Antiplasticizing Behaviors of Glucarate and Lignin Bio‐Based Derivatives on the Properties of Gel‐Spun Poly(Vinyl Alcohol) Fibers

Abstract Petrol and biochemical plasticizers are added to poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) to improve its processability while tuning its moisture sensitivity. But those additives often reduce the...