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Creating Innovative Chemicals From Biomass

We are able to use biological organisms to do powerful chemical reactions. The enzymes that biological organisms use for chemistry are much more selective allowing for a vastly superior purity of our final products. Higher purity molecules generate less waste during your production process and greater value in your final products because of the superior performance from highest quality polymers.

Our Science

We create very pure chemical through advanced fermentation methods. We are able to do this using our patented microbes created using synthetic biology techniques.







A powerful platform chemical

High-purity glucaric acid is a powerful chemical. In pharmaceutical uses it is a counterion. In wastewater treatment it is a useful substitute for phosphates without all of the environmental challenges. In polymer chemistry glucaric acid can double the modulus, triple the tensile strength or increase the toughness by an order of magnitude. We have only begun to scratch the surface of the power of high-purity glucaric acid.


Why Create Chemicals From Biomass?

Working from biomass allows us to have a more sustainable world by reducing our dependence upon petroleum.

We are able to produce a wider range of glucaric acid based forms than any other company. Whether you need lactones, salts or crystals, let us see if we can provide you with a powerful high-purity solution to your challenges.


The advantages of using a biological process

Biological processes do not use harsh chemicals and therefore eliminate potential risks related to environmental release or human exposure to harmful chemicals and by-products. Chemical processes can also be resource intensive, requiring exotic materials and high energy demands. Biological processes use genetically modified microbes as tiny manufacturing plants to carry out reactions which generally require precious metal catalyst and high temperatures and pressures.


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