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High-purity glucaric acid is a powerful chemical in industrial settings such as water treatment in preventing corrosion.

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High-purity glucaric acid enables powerful new materials and enhances the mechanical properties of existing materials.

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Glucaric acid is used in Adderall®. Glucoronic acid and glucaric acid are also used as nutraceuticals.

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Why Kalion?

Our proprietary fermentation production of glucaric acid and glucuronic acid allows us to produce the highest purity available in the market. We are able to leverage the inherent selectivity of enzymes to generate high-purity bio-based products.
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Our Science

We create very pure chemicals through advanced fermentation methods. We are able to do this utilizing our patented microbes which are created using proprietary synthetic biology techniques.







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Researchers investigate new biobased fibers

This article first appeared on Plastics News. A research team at North Carolina State University says biobased glucaric-acid or lignin additives can dramatically increase the toughness of polyvinyl...

Antiplasticizing Behaviors of Glucarate and Lignin Bio‐Based Derivatives on the Properties of Gel‐Spun Poly(Vinyl Alcohol) Fibers

Abstract Petrol and biochemical plasticizers are added to poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) to improve its processability while tuning its moisture sensitivity. But those additives often reduce the...

5 minutes with… Darcy Prather, President of Kalion.

"One of the greatest challenges dealing with technology this early in the supply chain is that it often requires you to re-think how you might operate throughout the value chain." Our world demands...

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