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Kalion Inc. Teams with Agile BioFoundry To Win DOE Grant to Advance Bio-based Glucaric Acid

Kalion Inc. (pronounced KAL-LEE-ON), along with 8 other companies, was selected by the U.S. Department of Energy to receive $5.7 million in funding with the Agile BioFoundry consortium ( to advance the fundamental understanding of industrial biotechnology. Kalion Inc. uses machine learning to accelerate the development of high-purity, low-cost glucaric acid. Glucaric acid and its related compounds enhance sustainability as well as improve the chemical properties of products and applications ranging from water treatment, polymers & textiles, coatings, detergents, and pharmaceuticals.

Working with National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and Argonne National Laboratory from the ABF consortium, Kalion Inc. will use advanced high throughput techniques, advanced analytics, and machine learning to optimize the production environment for glucaric acid. Low-cost, high-purity glucaric acid enables products in a wide range of fields. With its broad range of applications, glucaric acid has the potential to demonstrate how such bio-based materials offer great benefit to the US economy.

carcy-image-detail-page“Partnering with the exceptional talents and capabilities in the Agile BioFoundry will allow us to greatly advance the industrial bioeconomy and create a more sustainable future for all Americans.” says Darcy Prather, CEO of Kalion.

About Kalion, Inc.

Kalion, Inc., is a Massachusetts-based bioengineering company bringing innovative cost-effective, bio-based, solutions to challenging environmental problems. With glucaric acid, Kalion has introduced solutions for challenges in industries ranging from water treatment to textiles that improve both the economics and environmental profile of a variety of products.

About Agile BioFoundry

agile-bio-foundryThe Agile BioFoundry (ABF) consortium – sponsored by the DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy's Bioenergy Technologies Office – aims to advance and address current challenges in biomanufacturing. For this purpose, the ABF integrates the expertise and state-of-the-art capabilities from National Laboratories to develop a robust, agile biomanufacturing platform accessible to researchers across the private and public sectors. ABF partners include Argonne National Laboratory, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratories, and more than a dozen university and industry partners.



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